Solar Solutions Provides Sun Screen

Damage from the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays is the primary cause of fading to your furnishings. To shield your valuables, residential films reject almost 100% of damaging ultraviolet rays and up to 82% of total solar energy protecting your valuable furnishings, flooring and decor. 

Solar Solutions Helps Keep You Safe

Although not specifically designed as a safety film, all residential films help hold broken glass in place, providing an increased measure of shatter resistance to windows and glass doors. 

Perfect Film for Your Home

Residential films compliment any style home and are available in a variety of shakes, colors, and performance levels. You can choose from lighter, more subtle films your eye will hardly notice, to more reflective films for greater privacy and higher performance. 

Warmer In The Winter & Cooler In The Summer

Reducing heat loss through the glass keeps you warmer and helps save money day and night, all winter long. When your windows are protected with sun shielding film, air-conditioning costs are minimized making it easier for your home to keep its cool.